Memories of Dad – Update

Further to my post, ‘Memories of Dad’, my mum managed to dig out one of the photos that my dad took of me, in about 1981-82.

This is a photograph that my dad took of me, when I was about 9-10.

This is a photograph that my dad took of me, when I was about 9-10.

Also she found one of the copies of the ‘Daily Sun‘ newspaper, in which my dad wrote a column about our visit, to Prague.

The front page of Issue 133 of the Daily Sun.

The front page of Issue 133 of the Daily Sun.

The ‘Daily Sun‘ newspaper was published every business day in Prague and was aimed at the ex-pats in the city. The paper was just eight pages, two of which were the centre pages which was a simple, easy to follow map of ‘The Best Places to go in Prague‘.

The map of Prague, which could be found on the centre pages of the Daily sun.

The map of Prague, which could be found on the centre pages of the Daily sun.

Issue 133 was published on Monday, September 22nd 1997 and covered Czech news, World Watch, What’s On Guide, Tips for Today, Business News and Sports News.

The piece that my dad wrote for this issue was a small column named, ‘Prague Today‘. The following is what he wrote about my visit with Alysha, who was a month shy of turning two.

Having been in Prague for a while there is a danger that you start to take things for granted. Having been here a number of years I am probably as guilty of this as anyone.
However, during the last few days I have seen the city from a different perspective… One from a height of about three feet.
When my son announced he was bringing my vnucka to see me, my first thoughts were of panic.
How would I accommodate them in my busy schedule of work, work and more work that is required to produce the ‘Daily Sun’?
Well so far since they arrived, I have visited the zoo, toured the castle properly and spent more time in parts of the Old Town, not just the various bars I have been known to visit, but also the more cultural points, than in all the time I have been here. It has been an eye-opener to observe how a smaller person deals with the problems of life in the city. Steps onto trams and buses are high, escalators go too fast.
I have also noticed that there are very few facilities in this town for the necessary accommodation that a young person often needs during a day in town. What facilities do exist tend to be within the precincts of the ladies rooms. This can be somewhat of a disadvantage to a male with a young person. The castle, however, has a changing area apart from the normal conveniences.
One bright point of my tours with Alysha has been the number of admiring glances I seem to get from females, mostly previously unknown to me. Of course I realise that they are really directed at the youngster who, to be fair, tends to smile back.
I have a few more days to better get to know my vnucka before she returns home, as she has to get to know her dadacek. I look forward to it.
Having the thought of people waiting for you focuses the mind. I am finishing earlier in the evenings, which as long as it continues after she has returned home, will be a long-term benefit of the visit. – Joe Morrissey


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  1. à®°ாசா நினைச்சாà®°ு என்à®±ால் அவரு வீட்டு à®;&23015;லைக்க&#3006µà®°à®©ுக&#30#1;குக் கூட இதைவிட பொலிவா கட்டித் தருவாà®°், பண்ணாடைப் பசங்க இது அவரத் வீடுன்ன் உளறுகிà®±ானுà®™்க பாஸ்.


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