Those who can… teach

Do you have a teacher that helped you become the person you are today?

Lou Morgan

If you saw Dame Helen Mirren’s speech at the BAFTA awards, you’ll know what this is about.

— There will be a short interval to recover from the overwhelming awesome… and we’re back in the room —

The most important teacher I had was a lady called Sonja. I’ve long been forbidden from calling her “Miss Charles”, because she says it makes her feel old – but, like everyone who has been asked by one of their schoolteachers to call them by their first name, I still flinch internally every time I say it. It feels disrespectful, somehow, not to call your teacher by their “teacher name” – as though you’re now claiming to be their equal, their peer. Which you can’t ever be, because how could you? If you were lucky enough to have a teacher like that, you know that to some degree, they shaped you. They helped

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