Water Problems

Water has been a major issue, for me, this week.

First of all, yesterday we had a major incident, at work, when the water main to Watford General broke, leaving the entire site with very limited water. As you can imagine this caused an issue on more levels than can be imagined. Luckily, the fire brigade managed to supply some water, while the estates team and the water company worked on getting the mains back on-line. Meanwhile, bottled water was being sourced from places like Costco, while our team was urgently ordering in thousands of patient wet wipes and hand gels, so that basic hygiene could be maintained. Luckily, the mains was back on-line by 16:00, so a major health rick was averted. We still accepted the deliveries of wipes and gels, just in case the water main broke again, overnight. Luckily, it didn’t, so we will be returning the gels and wipes to the Rugby Distribution Centre of the NHS Supply Chain.

Then, today, we had a plumber round the house, to fix a new tap in the kitchen and replace the basin in the bathroom. All did not go according to plan, though. After notifying us that he was running a couple of hours late, due to another job overrunning, we have ended up with only half the job being finished. The kitchen is all sorted, but we have no basin upstairs in the bathroom. This is because, as he was attaching the taps to the new basin, one of them broke, so he has had to go and get some new ones. Plus, before he took the upstairs basin off the wall, he drained the main tank. And, because the main tank is filling at such a slow pace, I can’t see it being full until late tonight, so we also have no hot water.


Work in Progress

So he is going to come back tomorrow, to finish the job.

Plus, the weather is being all bright sunshine, followed by torrential showers.

Still, it can’t rain all the time, and everything should be back to normal tomorrow… I hope.


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