Stunts and Music

Over the weekend, Erin and Keilyn have both discovered hidden talents.

Erin and Keilyn sit up the garden, clapping hands.

Erin and Keilyn sit up the garden, clapping hands.

On Saturday, Erin and Keilyn were both playing in the garden, when Erin fell out of the playhouse. Except, as it turned out, she hadn’t fallen out by accident, but intentionally fallen out. Thinking that this was amusing, she did it again, and again, and again. Keilyn thought that this was highly entertaining, too, which only made her sister fall over even more.

Then, on Sunday, Erin began throwing herself from the rocking cow, much to her sister’s chuckles and approval. From this she progressed to jumping on the trampoline and swinging her legs out, so that she landed on her bum.

A little later, while Keilyn was sitting on her chair in the garden, Erin put her chair next to her sister and promptly fell over, taking the chair with her. Keilyn was by this time chuckling non-stop, so Erin did it again, and again.

Keilyn, on the other hand, falls over all the time, normally resulting in a bruise to her forehead, as her head is the only part of her body that she normally damages. Unlike her rough-and-tumble sister, Keilyn prefers to play with the myriad musical instrument toys that are stored in the house. Don’t get me wrong, Erin enjoys them, too, but is happier running around and exploring, whereas Keilyn is a lot more thoughtful.

Once Erin has gone to bed, Keilyn gets to play without her boisterous sister getting in the way. Sometimes it’s with the dolls, or blocks, but tonight she decided to play with the musical instruments. Specifically, the toy harmonicas.

Another thing that she does, is that she walks with her left arm behind her back, every now and again. It is quite cute to watch, but I have no idea where she has picked it up from.

Until next time, May It Be Well With You

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