Star Trek could be returning… via Netflix.

Larry Nemecek, while speaking at the Phoenix Comicon 2014, announced that Netflix had approached CBS Broadcasting Inc. on hosting a new Star Trek series. Netflix proposed that any new Star Trek series would be a Netflix Original, which they would produce entirely. CBS would receive royalties for every viewing of an episode, from this series, as they are the license holders for Star Trek. With Netflix having an estimated 45 million worldwide subscribers, this could be very lucrative for CBS.

Could Star Trek be returning to our TV screens?

Could Star Trek be returning to our TV screens?

There were, of course, no details as to what the new Star Trek series would be about, or when it would be set. But with rumours flying around about various series being developed, this does sound the most convincing.

Larry Nemecek wrote the Star Trek Voyager episode Prophecy. He also wrote the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion. He was also the managing editor of the official Star Trek: Communicator Magazine and a guest-writer & producer of He is also a columnist for Star Trek Magazine and the author of several franchise manuals. He also portrays Dr. McCoy in the Star Trek Continues web series.

If this does turn out to be true, it could mark the end of Star Trek, as we know it, as not everyone subscribes, nor would want to subscribe, to Netflix. Plus, it will depend on the writers and producers and what direction they want to go. Will they follow on from the Star Trek that we all know, or make it completely different? Will they keep to the original timeline, or follow on the new timeline, created by J.J. Abrams? Will it be set aboard a starship, exploring the galaxy, or be set on a planet or space station?

As yet there are many questions, but very few answers, so we will just have to wait for some of the many questions to be answered.

Here is a link to some more information about what has been said, by Larry Nemecek, via Starfleet Intelligence.

Live Long And Prosper.

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