Father’s Day Weekend, part 2

Sunday, 15th June.

Another early start, as both girls were awake at 06:30. After listening to them playing in their room, I decided that it was time to get up.

Breakfast was soon sorted, followed by the obligatory glasses of squash and small box of raisins, each. I stuck with my normal breakfast: Black coffee.

Erin then helped me open my Father’s Day cards and present, which was a new tool kit. It has everything; Pliers, screwdrivers, spirit level, adjustable wrench, hacksaw, set-square, sockets, tape measure and much more. It was perfect, as my existing tools have been broken, misplaced or just not up to scratch.

With everyone dressed we loaded the girls into the battlewagon and headed to Morrisons, for a spot of shopping. Typically, as we arrived at the supermarket, the Heaven’s opened. This seems to be a recurring thing, this weekend. Anyhow. Shopping didn’t take too long, by which time the weather had improved dramatically. With Keilyn still in the battlewagon and Erin walking, we made our way, slowly, back home.

Emma cooked us all an amazing grill-up, which is a lot healthier than a fry-up, although it still has the same ingredients. The girls didn’t seem too interested in it, but at least they tried it and ate some of it. Keilyn’s main problem was that she was till tired.

With everyone fed, we all settled down to watch Cinderella II, as this has taken over as Erin’s favourite thing to watch, after Sofia the First. Emma and Erin sat on the sofa together, while I held Keilyn in my arms, in an attempt to get her to sleep. Within a few minutes Keilyn was asleep, followed by Erin, Emma and myself.

As Cinderella II finished, Keilyn and I awoke. We left Emma and Erin asleep on the sofa, and played around with the various toys, until Emma and Erin stirred. Feeling completely refreshed, the girls went outside to play in the afternoon sun.

Erin sports her matching dress and hat.

Erin sports her matching dress and hat.

Keilyn sports her mismatching dress and hat.

Keilyn sports her mis-matching dress and hat.

With tea finished and Emma ready for work, Erin went up to bed, at which point her big sister, Alysha, arrived. Alysha had been at a dance competition in Aylesbury, all day, and had popped in on her way home. I opened her card, before deciding that we should bring Erin back down, to see her big sister.

Emma then headed to work, leaving me with my three girls, who were busy getting all the toys back out, and generally having a great old-time. Too soon, though, Alysha had to leave, so it was back off to bed for Erin, followed quite quickly by Keilyn.

With the house to myself, at last, I picked all the toys up, did the washing up, before deciding to try out my new tool kit. For the last few weeks, our back door has been getting harder to close and lock. So, after looking at the front door fixings, I decided to try to fix it. As it turned out it was simpler than I thought. One screw, in the top hinge, had come loose. After tightening it, the door worked perfectly, again. Superb. Also, the cold tap in the kitchen, which had recently been replaced, had a habit of turning itself on. A quick tightening of the fixing, with my new adjustable wrench, solved that.

I then set about watching Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, before turning in for the night.

All in all, a great Father’s Day weekend.


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