A Lotto Win & A Barbecue

Sunday, 22nd June.

Emma arrived home, from work, at 08:00 and set about feeding Keilyn, who had only just finished her milk, while I nipped to the shop to get some charcoal for the Barbecue.

On arriving, at Vimco, I had my lottery ticket checked and found that I had matched three numbers, resulting in a win of £25. Happy days. I then picked up some charcoal, cheese, Polish sausages, a couple of limes and headed for the till.

I arrived back home to find that Emma had bathed both the girls, who were now running around the house in pretty dresses. With coffee made, Emma went up to bed for a sleep, while the girls and I watched Sofia the First, followed by Gnomeo and Juliet. The latter of which is a highly entertaining telling of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet, told with Gnomes. While Keilyn had her morning snooze, I prepared some fresh home-made Lemonade.

The first batch of home-made lemonade is ready for the barbecue.

The first batch of home-made lemonade is ready for the barbecue.

Before I knew it, it was lunchtime. Erin had soup, while Keilyn had chicken noodles. With both girls fed and watered, they disappeared into the garden for a run and play, while I relaxed with a bit of music.

Emma soon arose from her slumber and headed off to the shop to grab a few last-minute items, returning home just minutes after my mum had arrived. Alysha was in Cambridge, at a dance competition, so couldn’t make the barbecue.  Soon, the food was cooking, (as were we in the hot afternoon sun), and cold drinks were soon flowing. We had Lincolnshire sausages, beef burgers made with mature cheddar and red onion, pork burgers with chorizo and the Polish sausages, that I had purchased earlier. Emma had made a salad and buttered the rolls and, very quickly, the food disappeared. Even Keilyn was enjoying her first barbecue.

As we sat and ate, a Robin kept flitting around the garden, waiting for someone to drop some food. He didn’t seem to mind the girls, who were running and screaming around the garden, as he hopped between various perches.  Then the girls were in the paddling pool, with my mum. Water was squirted and splashed, helping to cool everyone down.

Keilyn and my mum have fun in the paddling pool.

Keilyn and my mum have fun in the paddling pool.

As time drew on, my mum made her way to her dad’s house, while Emma and I cleared away the remnants of the party. A few scraps of a bread roll were placed on the bird feeder, for the Robin, while the plates and cutlery were stacked in the kitchen. With this done, Emma went upstairs to get ready for her third night-shift, in a row, leaving me to play with the girls.

Erin went up to bed, just after 6 O’clock, with Emma heading out the door soon after that. Keilyn then promptly fell asleep, so up she went, too. With the washing up done, I headed outside to sit in the warm evening sun, with a cold beer, and relax. Soon, I had a visitor. The Robin that had been loitering around the garden, all afternoon, was now quite happy to sit on the back of a chair, not two-feet from me, eating the scraps of bread. Then he would fly off, before returning ten minutes, or so, later to have some more.

This Robin kept me company, throughout the early evening.

This Robin kept me company, throughout the early evening.

All-in-all it was pleasantly perfect family barbecue.


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