Sunday in Cassiobury Park

Sunday, 29th June.

Since the weather was determined to remain warm and sunny, we decided to take the girls for a stroll. We normally head out on a Sunday, regardless of weather, just to get the girls out in the countryside. Sometimes we walk along the Ebury Way to Rickmansworth or, travelling the other way, towards Watford and Oxhey Park. Today, however, we decided to head to Cassiobury Park.

After packing some drinks and snacks, we headed out and through Croxley View to Ascot Road, where we crossed Rickmansworth Road and entered the Park. Our entrance to the park was marked by a heron, gliding through the air above the River Gade.

Erin was soon out of the battlewagon and running along the path, looking at the butterflies, Jays and dragonflies. There were also small fish, that were clearly visible in the crystal clear waters of the River Gade, until a dog jumped in, churning up the gravel on the riverbed.

Not the best shot, but it is the best that I could do.

Not the best shot, but it is the best that I could do.

We continued to follow the River Gade, until we crossed one of the narrow bridges near the Cassiobury Park Nature Reserve. We would normally have carried on following the River Gade, into Cassiobury Park, but, as Emma pointed out, our new battlewagon could fit across the narrow bridges, whereas the old one was too wide.

With fewer people in this section, we strolled along with the Grand Union Canal, on our left and the Nature Reserve to our right. Soon, the River Gade rejoined us, as we approached the bottom of the park.

We headed up towards the paddling pools and cafe where, while Emma sat with the girls, I purchased a cappuccino and a bacon roll, for Emma, and a latte and a cheese burger, for myself. These were soon demolished, at which point we took the girls into the playground. Both girls were soon on the swings, before Erin decided that she wanted to go on the slide.

Erin and Keilyn have a little swing.

Erin and Keilyn have a little swing.

But not the little slide. The big kids slide. She soon mastered the giant steps, clambering up after the older kids, before screaming like a banshee, as she hurtled down the enclosed slide. Immediately she was back clambering up the steps to various platforms, before hurtling down the slide again.

Keilyn, meanwhile, was bemused by her sisters antics, preferring the more sedated swing. Soon, though, Keilyn discovered the smaller climbing frame and slides. And that was it. She was soon running back and forth along the platforms. Hanging from the various bars, while her feet dangled below her, before almost throwing herself down the slide. And, just like her sister, she was straight back up to do it all again.

Erin & Keilyn: Sliders

After a good while, we decided to make a move towards home, via Morrisons to keep Erin happy. With shopping purchased, including some mini sausage rolls that Erin and Keilyn immediately tucked into, we continued our journey home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, while we awaited the arrival of Emma’s mum and dad, before the girls started running riot around the garden, again.

All-in-all it was a lovely Sunday with family.

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