Star Trek 3: William Shatner’s ‘Kirk’ will return

Some amazing rumours concerning the upcoming Star Trek 3 have really been hitting the internet and social media forums, over the past few weeks. Below are a list of some of the latest rumours;

  1. Star Trek 3 is to be filmed in Vancouver and Seoul, South Korea, since the Seoul’s mayor recently signed a deal, at Paramount, to have the movie filmed there.
  2. William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy are both to appear in Star Trek 3.
  3. The story involves the original Kirk & Spock reuniting to correct the timeline and preserve the history fans know of Next GenerationDeep Space Nine and Voyager.
  4. It will be the first Star Trek movie to be filmed digitally.
  5. Filming is set to begin on January 28, 2015, ready for a May 2016 release. This would allow it to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. It will then be released in various formats in September 2016.
These are some interesting rumours and the full story can be read below, via the link.

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